Pembroke College

The Pembroke College main site is made up of 4 distinct quads: 

Old Quad, Chapel Quad, North Quad, Rokos Quad.

Due to the age and mix of the buildings within the College, not all of them are fully accessible. 

Make sure you check the second page with more information on bedrooms, social and teaching spaces.

The good news is that you can get to all the major areas.  There are plenty of accessible bedrooms.



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There is disabled parking located in the garage (accessed from St Ebbes).

Visitors need to report to the Lodge, to be issued with a fob to open the garage door. 

There is additional parking located off Pembroke Square that is barrier operated by the porters lodge (call ahead on 01865 276444)

There is also disabled parking (council operated) on Pembroke Square and St Aldates (3 spaces in total)

To the rear of the college there are also spaces on St Ebbes (3 spaces in total)

City Council Disabled Parking Map (725kb)

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The main entrance to Pembroke is from Pembroke Square via the large wooden gates (under the tower).

If the doors are closed there is a door bell to ring to reach the Porters' lodge.

The Porters' normally leave one large door open to allow level access to the Porters' Lodge and the quads beyond. 

Once through the main doors there is a glass door to your left to gain entry to the Porters Lodge, for those that need it, simply push or pull the door as it powered- no need to struggle!

To get to Old Quad and beyond simply pass through the next glass door, that is also powered, to gain access to the quads beyond.

Previously there was a level change to reach Chapel Quad but the area has been landscaped to give all level access to all quads!

To gain access to the bridge and to the new Rokos Quad pass via the chapel quad, in the far corner near the trees is access to the bridge (via a platform lift) and over the bridge to Rokos Quad.

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There are 4 lifts in total within the site.

There is one external platform lift that carries users from the Chapel Quad to the bridge to cross over to Rokos Quad. It is necessary to press the buttons throughout your journey.

The internal lifts are located:

Chapel Quad where the lift serves the bar, dining hall and Forte Room.

Rokos Quad where the lift takes users down from bridge level to subsequent floors (in the Henderson Building), from here there is access out to the quad, The Wagstaff Building and the Pichette Auditorium and Farthings Cafe.

There is another in the Rose Place Building servicing all floors. 

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Accessible toilets

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There are accessible toilets located throughout the site. There is one in the corner located directly in front of you as you enter the Old Quad (via main entrance).  This is the only accessible toilet in this section of the site. 

Once in Chapel Quad, there is an accessible toilet located in the corridor on the ground floor of the staircase leading to the dining hall.

There is also another accessible toilet located in the ante room to Broadgates Hall.  

Once inside the Rokos Quad there is an accessible toilet located off the main atrium of the Henderson Building, underneath the stairs.

There are (of course!) additional private accessible toilets in the accommodation blocks.

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hearing loop

Hearing support system

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There are four rooms in total which have an induction Loop system:

Chapel Quad: 

Mary Hyde Eccles Room (Staircase 8).

Borough Room (Staircase 8).

The Rokos Quad:

Harold Lee Room (Harold H W Lee Building).

The Pichette Auditorium (Harold H W Lee Building).

There is currently NO induction loop at the Porter's Lodge although this should be rectified with the buildings works in 2014.


Inaccessible areas

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Due to the age of the site there are quite a few inaccessibe areas; the buildings/staircases are listed by Quad.

Old Quad:

The Almhouses


Staircases 1-6 (except ground floor staircase 5 with academic office and nurse)

Library (partially accessible)

Chapel Quad:

Staircases 7 -10.

(Although there are accesiible rooms in the ground floor of staircase 9)

North Quad:

Staircases 11- 18

(Although there is an accesiible room in the ground floor of staircase 11)

MacMillan Building

Rokos Quad:

The Bannister Building

The Mahfouz Building

The Wagstaff Building (upper floors)




Old Quad

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This Quad contains:

Main Entrance / Porter’s Lodge

Staircases 1- 6

  • JCR
  • MCR
  • Ward Perkins Room
  • Academic Office
  • The Rookery


Broadgates Hall

McGowin Library


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Chapel Quad

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This Quad contains:

Damon Wells Chapel

The Hall

Fellows’ Staircase

Staircases 7- 10

  • Mackesy Room
  • Mary Hyde Eccles Room

Broadgates Hall

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North Quad

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This Quad contains:

Staircases 11 - 18

  • Burrough Room
  • Hester Room
  • Leung Room

MacMillan Building

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Rokos Quad

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This Quad contains:

The Harold H W Lee Building

The Henderson Building

  • Fathings Café
  • The Allen & Overy Room
  • The Andrew Pitt Room
  • Garden Seminar Room

The Bannister Building

The Wagstaff Building

The Rose Place Building

The Mahfouz Building

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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 2
Parking nearby (within 200m) Blue Badge
Main entrance Level
Door entry Powered
Direct contact to lodge Yes
Number of floors 4
Accessible toilets 3
Lift to all floors No
Hearing support system Yes