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The main reception for the building is directly opposite the current entrance doors.  However, this is not always manned, so please use the door intercom to contact your department if you need a hand!  This reception has low desk and large glass window.  There is a waiting area on the left hand side of the foyer with space to park a wheelchair.

The reception and main administration office for Theology is on the second floor.  Exit the lift, look left, and the office will be straight ahead at the end of that section of corridor.  It has a solid door and clear signage, but the door is likely to be propped open during working hours. 

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There are two sets of stairs in the building.  The main stairs are just past the main lift through a door with a sign and vision panel.   These have contrasting tactile nosings and a continuous handrail on the left hand (ascending).  The secondary stairs are through a pair of double doors at the far end of the building.  These also have contrasting and tactile nosings, and a continuous handrail on the left hand side. 

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 Apart from the doors leading directly to Faculty and research areas, all the doors in the corridors are on hold-open mechanisms.  Doors to rooms have handles with proximity sensor locks at three-quarter height, which may prove tricky for some.  These doors are also a bit stiff, and the latch used to exit the rooms is small.  Secured double doors have large vision panels. 

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Graduate Study Room

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The graduate study room is on the second floor, opposite the commmon room.  It has desks around the outside with movable office chairs.  The desks are divided by partitions, which are quite narrow, and the ones in the corner of the room will be more suitable for wheelchair users, who may need a little more space.  The desks themselves are a comfortable height for wheelchair users, but the fact that the lockers are mounted on the wall above the desks means that you cannot reach them sitting down.

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lecture theatre

Lecture Theatres

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The second floor lecture theatre is located halfway along the main corridor, opposite the seminar room and staff common room.  This has moveable furniture and ‘comfort screens’, and can be extended by opening the partition which separates it from the board room.  Plenty of space can be left on the end of a row for wheelchair users to park where they would prefer.

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seminar room

Seminar Rooms

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Seminar Room 1 is located opposite the lecture theatre on the second floor.  There is a large table with movable furniture and a projection screen.  There’s also a whiteboard, but this has quite a reflective surface, so it might not be suitable for everybody.

Seminar Room 2 is next to the tea room on the second floor (past Seminar Room 1).  The door is quite narrow, and has no vision panel.  Again, this has a large table with moveable furniture, and is fully accessible.

The tutorial office is next to the lecture theatre

common room

Common Room

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The graduate common room is on the second floor.  Exit the lift and go through the double doors on your left. The common room is the first door on the right hand side.  Most furniture is moveable, and there is a mix of armchairs, low tables, and high tables with barstool style seats.

There is a tea point on the second floor, next to the accessible toilet.  It’s quite narrow, and the counter is high, so it’s not very accessible.  It is, however, possible to reach the fridge and the coffee machine!

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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 1
Parking nearby (within 200m) No
Main entrance Level
Door entry Manual
Direct contact to reception Intercom
Number of floors 3
Accessible toilets 1
Lift to all floors Yes
Hearing support system No