Old Road Campus Research Building

The largest research facility on the Old Road Campus, housing multiple institutes and departments, as well as the Knowledge Centre library

The front of the research building

The building is fully accessible, and spread over four floors.  Each floor has three wings, two of which function as lab areas, and one as office space.  Floors often house multiple departments, and the floors are colour-coded with matching walls and flooring to help you find your way around!  As a general rule, office spaces are floored with carpet, and lab spaces with vinyl.  Departments can be split across multiple floors.

Floor ColourDepartment/Research Group
Lower Ground Cream Department of Oncology (CR-UK Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology), Ludwig Institute, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Structural Genomics Consortium
Ground Yellow  The Knowledge Centre, Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, Department of Oncology (CR-UK Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology)
Level One Orange Department of Oncology (CR-UK Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology), Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Ludwig Institute
Level Two Red  Jenner Institute, Ludwig Institute, Structural Genomics Consortium




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The drop-off bay directly in front of the department can be used as a disabled parking space, and this must be reserved in advance by contacting the Building Manger on charles.parkins@ndm.ox.ac.uk or (01865)617990.  There is more disabled parking if you turn left between the Research and Kennedy buildings, but this is down a steep slope. Wheelchair users should bear in mind that the push back up can be hard work!

The new Innovation Building opposite the Research Building contains standard and accessible parking spaces – visitors must contact in advance to book one of these spaces. Regular users may be able to obtain a parking permit.

See the campus map on the left hand side for detailed locations of campus buildings

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 The main entrance at the front of the building has both a revolving and a manual door on swipe card access.  The manual door has an intercom on the left hand side which contacts reception.

There is a second entrance at the bottom of the building.  This is a pair of glass double doors, which can only be operated by swipe card users.  These are not powered, and the time allowed between swiping your card and opening the door is short.

Once through the main doors, you will need to pass through a turnstile to access the rest of the building.  One of these is suitable for wheelchair users, and is operated by the reception staff.  

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There are five lifts in the building.  Once through the turnstile at the front entrance, there will be two lifts immediately on your left.  These are the main lifts for the building.  There is also a secondary pair of lifts at the back of the building.  One of these is a larger lift which can carry goods, but it may be useful for those with large power chairs. There is a fifth and final lift near to the ground floor common seating area.  Please see the floor plans for the exact location of all lifts in the building and to find out which will be most useful for you!  All lifts travel to all floors, and are ‘talking’ lifts, with no braille.

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Accessible toilets

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 Each floor is separated into three separate wings.  Two of these are labs, and the central section of each floor is office space.  Each of the wings has an accessible toilet, which means that there is a grand total of three accessible toilets on each floor – that’s twelve in the building!  They are located at the front of the building, in line with the two main staircases.  Please see the floor plan for exact locations.

There is an accessible shower on the lower ground floor.  The shower area is accessed through a solid door. 

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Standard Toilets

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Standard toilet blocks are located with the accessible toilet on each floor, so there is one toilet block in each of the three wings of the building, towards the front. These toilet blocks comprise of one Men's and one Women's toilet.  Please see the ‘accessible toilets’ section for more information, and the floor plan for detailed locations.

hearing loop

Hearing support system

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There is a fixed hearing loop at the reception desk.   There are three portable loops which are shared across the building, and two departments have their own.  Please ask at the main reception desk if you require one. 

opening hours

Opening hours

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Opening times

To those with swipe access the building is open 24/7. Users with additional needs who require swipe access must complete a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP). For users without swipe cards, the building may be accessed via reception during the following hours:

Term time

Monday - Friday 08:00 to 18:00
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed

Vacation time

Same as Term Time


Christmas break.
Good Friday to Easter Monday.
August Bank Holiday long weekend.


Inaccessible areas

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The small balcony positioned on the main stairs is sometimes used to give talks, and is not accessible for speakers who require level access.  More generally, users should be aware that this building is a working laboratory environment.  This means that lab equipment and the arrangement of lab benches may make access to some spaces tricky to negotiate.  Access to certain areas of the building is restricted on health and safety grounds, and other areas (such as the metal-free lab), will require preparation that might be difficult for some.  All offices, seminar rooms, and common seating areas are fully accessible.


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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 2
Parking nearby (within 200m) Pay and Display
Main entrance Level
Alternative entrance (level access) Yes
Door entry Powered
Direct contact to reception Intercom
Number of floors 4
Accessible toilets 12
Lift to all floors Yes
Hearing support system Yes