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 Once through the entrance doors, reception is directly ahead of you, and has a low counter and a hearing loop.  The staff at reception will open the automatic security gate for visitors; take care as this opens towards you.  There are movable chairs and a vending machine on the left-hand side as you come in through the main doors.

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There are two types of stairs in the building.  The stairs at the far end of the Cardiac Science centre are open tread with a continuous handrail on the right-hand side (ascending), and an interrupted handrail on the left.  This staircase has cotrasting nosings.  The main East and West staircases are stone stairs with a continuous handrail on the side furthest from the wall, and a broken handrail on the other.  It has no nosings, and the smooth surface can be slippery, so please take care.

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 Doors in corridors are often double wooden doors with vision panels in the top half, but some are held open.  The first set of entrance doors is held open, and the second set have large glass panels.  The door to the first floor lecture theatre is a set of wooden doors with a narrow frosted vision panel, and the doors to the ground floor lecture theatre are also double wooden doors.

There are two doors to reach the library, and the first of these might be too narrow for wheelchair users.  The mechanism to open the door from the inside is also fiddly.  Please see the library section for more details.

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The library is on the second floor, almost directly opposite the lift.  Entry to the library is through two sets of doors.  The first of these in on swipe access and very narrow, the second a pair of double doors with large glass vision panels.  Both sets of doors are quite heavy.  The card reader used to enter the library is located on the left hand side.  Although these look like double doors, only the left-hand leaf opens, and you then go through a security sensor to reach the second set of doors.  On leaving the library, the small latch to open the door is fiddly, so some users might need to ask for help.

The library is unstaffed, but the majority of the stacks are easy to access, although wheelchair users might have difficulty reaching the higher shelves.  Tables with moveable chairs are placed around the room, and these should be at a comfortable height for most wheelchair users.  The library has a projector screen at one end, and is also used as a meeting room by the department.  The library is only available when there is no meeting in progress, and books are reference only.  There is no height adjustable furniture or accessibility equipment available.  

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lecture theatre

Lecture Theatres

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There are two lecture theatres in the building, one on the first floor and one on the second.  

First floor - This lecture theatre has fixed wooden benches and raked seating.  The steps have nosings, but no handrails.  There is a portable hearing loop available from reception.  The presentation area is accessible, but the desk with the AV equiptment on is quite high, so some wheelchair users might have difficulty reaching the computer. 

Second floor - This larger lecture theatre has fixed flip-down seating on a slope.  The steps are more shallow than in the first floor lecture theatre,  but they also have no handrails.  The presentation area is level access, and there is an anfra-red hearing support system available. 

seminar room

Seminar Rooms

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The Sherrington Room is on the second floor opposite the library.  It has moveable furniture, and there is planty of space for wheelchair users to move around the outside of the room.  The presentation area is fully accessible. 

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Most of the building is taken up with labs, so what follows is a general description of the average set-up.  Please contact the department if you have any specific queries about a particular lab or piece of equipment.  There are no height adjustable lab benches or fume cupboards, but the moveable office chairs which are used as seating are height adjustable.  There is plenty of space for manoeuvring between benches and down the side of the lab.  Some of the labs also have eyewash stations at an accessible height.

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The café is located on the first floor.  To get there, leave the main lift and turn right, the door to the café will be on your right just before you reach the stairwell.  The furniture is moveable, and the tables should be a comfortable height for most wheelchair users, although their sloped bases could prove awkward for some.  The café is self-service, and the counter is kitchen worktop height.  The till is manned, so please do ask for help with carrying hot drinks etc. if you need it.  

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On-site disabled parking spaces 1
Parking nearby (within 200m) Blue Badge
Main entrance Level
Alternative entrance (level access) Yes
Door entry Manual
Direct contact to reception No
Number of floors 4
Accessible toilets 2
Lift to all floors Yes
Hearing support system Yes