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Reception is on the right hand side as you enter the building.  There is no hearing loop or reduced height section.  

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There are multiple staircases in the building.  The main building stairs have a partial handrail on both sides, and contrasting nosings.  The staircase in Theoretical Chemistry has a continuous handrail on the right hand side (ascending), a partial handrail on the left, and contrasting tactile nosings.  The stairs up to the common room have a handrail on the left hand side (ascending) and contrasting tactile nosings.  The stairs leading to the teaching lab and computer suite have no nosings, but there is a continuous handrail on the left hand side (ascending). 

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The doors to the Theoretical Chemistry section of the building are double doors with large glass panels.  This is true of most of those doors in the corridors which are not on hold-open mechanisms and sprung to close.  Level access to the lecture theatre is via two sets of heavy fire doors which can only be opened from the inside.  Most laboratory doors are solid, and the double doors to the common room have a vision panel in the top half only. 

Again assitance may be required as some of the doors are heavy or simply too narrow to fit without opening both.

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lecture theatre

Lecture Theatre

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The lecture theatre is located on a mezzanine off the first floor and therefore only reached via steps.  If you require level access to the lecture theatre, you can only reach the rear and the the journey there cannot be done independantly.

You will need to be escorted and liaise with building staff, as the doors only open from the inside.  Take the main lift to the second floor, and exit using the fire doors straight in front of you.  Go across the outside walkway and through the second set of fire doors. Both of these doors have a slight lip (soon to be ramped).

Once inside the lecture theatre, the only portion which is accessible is the space right at the top- it is a landing Stage/platform.  The balustrade here may mean a restricted view.  If you are comfortable with stairs, you will be able to access the rest of the lecture theatre, otherwise the front of the theatre cannot be reached. 

The stairs to the other seating have contrasting nosings but no handrail.  There is a portable hearing loop available, please see the ‘Hearing Support System’ section on the first page for more information. 

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seminar room

Seminar Rooms

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The Rowlinson Room is a seminar room on the first floor.  Unfortunately, this is inaccessible for people requiring level access.

On the ground floor, there is a seminar room in the Theoretical Chemistry portion of the building.  Exit the lift and take the corridor on your right hand side.  The seminar room will then be on your left.  This is a large room with moveable furniture, although space might be a bit tight around the edges.

Table height is just about OK for people in manual wheelchairs, and there is a whiteboard available. 

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common room

Common Room

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The common room is on a mezzanine off the second floor, above the lecture theatre.  This is only accessible by steps, so it's inaccessible for people requiring level access.  The common room can be accessed via the staircase near the main lift.  There are a number of tables with moveable chairs in the common room, and hot drinks are served between 10.45-11.15, 12.45-13.45, and 15.45-16.15 during weekdays.

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teaching labs icon

Labs and Workshop

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The teaching labs are inaccessible if you require level access, and are located on the first and second floors.  The lower teaching lab houses both standard waist-height workbenches and a computer area with moveable chairs and lower desks.  There is no height adjustable furniture.  The upper teaching lab on the second floor has the same high lab benches and moveable stools as the lower lab, but no computers. 

The student workshop is in the basement.  Whilst the workshop is technically accessible (via. the steep outside ramp and secondary entrance), space is tight, and you will be unable to operate the machinery seated. 

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