Department of Plant Sciences

Department of Plant Sciences, Faculty of Classics, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, School of Archaeology, Sherardian Library of Plant Taxonomy, Technology & Management Centre for Development, and University Herbaria

exterior of the Plant Sciences building

The building is partially accessible for people requiring level access.  The level entrance to the department is around the left hand side of the building on Sibthorpe Road.  An incline platform lift provides access from the level entrance door to the rest of the building, but it may be too small for power-chair users.  Some areas are inaccessible; please see the relevant section at the bottom of the page for more information.  Whilst the department is now one large building, its areas are still referred to as ‘north’ and ‘south’ building, and are linked internally.  These two parts of the building have different floor-numbering systems. 



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There is one department-owned accessible parking space available.  This is on the left hand side of the building (Sibthorpe Road), next to the accessible entrance.  Parking should ideally be booked in advance by contacting reception on or 01865 275000.  There is also Blue Badge and Pay and Display parking on Mansfield Road.

City Centre Parking Map (725kb)

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The main entrance to Plant Sciences faces South Parks Road.  This entrance is not level, and is up a long flight of steps with no nosings and a metal handrail on either side.  Entrance is then via. a pair of large double doors with vision panels, which are not automatic or powered.

The level entrance to the department is around the left hand side of the building on Sibthorpe Road, through a double door with no vision panel.  If you have swipecard access, the card reader is on the right hand side of the door.  If not, there is an intercom on the left hand side of the door which you can use to contact reception during office hours.  Please remember to press the 'Off' button when you have finished using the intercom.

As soon as you enter, you need to use the incline lift to access the rest of the building.  Please see the ‘lifts’ section further down this page for more information. 

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From the level entrance, building visitors will need to use an incline lift for level access to the rest of the building.  This is staff operated, but could be used independently, so please contact the department in advance on or 01865 275000.  This lift is narrow and space it tight, so it is likely to only be suitable for manual wheelchair users.  Another incline lift is used to access the lecture theatre.

The lift in the south building is fairly tight (I would recommend reversing in!) with no voice or braille, but it does have raised numbers.  To get to the lift from the main entrance, go straight down the corridor in front of you, and the lift is before the stairs on the right hand side.

The lift in the north building is similar, but the labelling system for the floors is different. ‘R’ in the north building equates to floor 3 in the south building.  This lift is near to the herbarium, just before the stairs on the right hand side. 

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Accessible toilets

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There is one accessible toilet.  This is located on the ground floor of the South building, West end.

From the accessible entrance, go right down to the end of the corridor, follow directions to the Schlich Lecture theatre, and turn left before you reach the stairs.  The accessible toilet will be on your right hand side. 

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Standard toilets

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In the North building basement there are Women’s toilets by the stairs at the East end, and Men’s toilets near the stairs at the West end.

In the South Building there are Women’s toilets near to the Schlich Lecture Theatre on the ground floor, and Men's toilets in the basement at the East end

There are no gender-neutral bathroom facilities in the building.

hearing loop

Hearing support system

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There is a hearing loop on reception and an induction loop in the large lecture theatre.  There is no hearing support system in the Rajah Brooke room. 

A portable loop is available for one-to-one meetings in smaller offices.

opening hours

Opening hours

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Term time

Monday-Friday - 9.00-17.00
Saturday - closed
Sunday - closed

Vacation time

Monday-Friday - 9.00-17.00
Saturday - closed
Sunday - closed


Christmas break.
Good Friday to Easter Monday.
August Bank Holiday long weekend.


Inaccessible areas

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All greenhouses except for the one on the roof are inaccessible.  All cold rooms are inaccessible due to the small step up into them.  Some of the research labs on the second floor of the south building are up a small flight of steps, as is the rear area of the coffee room, and some second floor offices.  The Moore lab is also inaccessible for those requiring level access, as are the darkroom and the Misson hut growth chambers

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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 1
Parking nearby (within 200m) No
Main entrance Not level
Alternative entrance (level access) Yes
Door entry Manual
Direct contact to reception Yes
Number of floors 6
Accessible toilets 1
Lift to all floors Yes
Hearing support system Yes