Dyson Perrins Building

Archaeology Research Laboratory, Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography and the Environment, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Transport Studies Unit.

the exterior of Dyson Perrins from South Parks Road

This building is partially accessible.  The building has four seperate entrances, all of which are level access.  Please note that the Archaeology main entrance is on Hinshelwood Drive.  



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There is a university owned disabled parking space directly outside the building, to the left of the ramp.  Please book in advance by contacting reception on enquiries@geog.ox.ac.uk or 01865 285070.  This is quite a busy quad area, as the space is shared with the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, so please look out for bikes when parking.

Oxford city center blue badge parking map (725kb)



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The main entrance is up three shallow concrete steps with a central handrail and no nosing.  Level access is via a shallow ramp to the left hand side of the steps.  This is made of rough textured concrete, and has a handrail on both sides.  The first set of main doors are wooden double doors, and one side is propped open during building opening hours.  One side is wide enough for a manual wheelchair.   Past reception, a set of double glass doors grants access to the rest of the building.  Although these doors are automatic, they need to need to be opened by reception or a Bod Card with department access.

The out of hours entrance is opposite the link staircase.  This is a large manual double door which opened using a department swipe card.  There are large visual panels, and it’s not as heavy as it looks!

Archaeology – The main entrance to the Archaeology department is inside the building.  To get there, take the main entrance and go through the glass double doors in reception.  Turn right, and continue until you reach the lift on your left hand side.  Take the lift to the first floor, turn right, and continue right to the end of the corridor.  You will find the entrance to Archaeology by the Link staircase and other lift.  There is a doorbell on the door which can be used to contact reception, although some people might find this too high up to reach.

Chemistry Teaching Labs – There is a separate door into the building which leads directly to the teaching labs from South Parks Road.  Once inside, go up the large stone stairs in front of you to reach the teaching labs.  These stairs have a partial handrail on both sides and no nosings. 

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There is a lift in two wings of the building;  The lift by the Link stairwell and the out of hours access door has no voice information or Braille, but will be large enough for manual and powered wheelchairs. To get to the other lift, take the main entrance and go through the glass double doors in reception.  Turn right, and continue until you reach the lift on your left hand side.  There is also a platform lift available to provide level access to the lecture theatre.  Please see the relevant section for more information.   

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Accessible toilets

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There is an accessible toilet on each of the ground, first and second floors.  To reach them, exit the lift which is nearest reception, and all of the accessible toilets are just round the corner to your left on each floor. 

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Standard toilets

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There are two main standard toilet blocks on each floor, and these alternate between Men’s and Women’s.  There are no gender neutral bathroom facilities in the building.

hearing loop

Hearing support system

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Hearing support systems are available in the Halford Mackinder Lee theatre, and the Herbertson and the Beckit rooms.

opening hours

Opening hours

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Term-time and Vacation
Mon-Fri 8.00-18.00


Bank holidays and weekends.


Inaccessible areas

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The following areas are not accessible for people requiring level access:

Geography –  Geolab 1

Chemistry –  Teaching Lab 2 .

Archaeology – The mezzanine coffee area on the second floor, and the basement lab outside the ‘Paleodiet’ laboratory.

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