Ashmolean Museum

Home to collections of art and archaeology.

All areas of the museum, restaurant are fully accessible, as well as all public areas of the cast gallery.  The museum occasionally runs interpreted tours for visitors with visual and hearing impairments; please follow this link for more information.  There are a limited number of manual wheelchairs available for loan; please ask the staff on the door for assistance. 



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There are nine designated Blue Badge parking spaces within easy reach of the museum: three spaces directly outside the museum, three more opposite the museum close to the Randolph Hotel, two spaces on St Giles' and one space on St John's Street. These are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are also Pay and Display parking spaces on Beaumont Street and St Giles. 

Oxford City Council have produced a useful Accessible Oxford Guide which includes a map of Blue Badge parking spaces in the city centre. The Blue Badge parking map is on page 11. Please click on the link below to view the Accessible Oxford Guide.

Accessible Oxford Guide  



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The museum is set back from the road, and reached via a wide flight of stone steps leading to a terrace.  The steps have no nosings, but do have a handrail on either side and in the middle.  For level access, there is a ramp available.  Turn left at the bottom of the steps through the stone arch labelled ‘Ashmolean Museum’ and follow the ramp to the top.  It is quite steep, but has a landing halfway and a handrail on the left hand side.

Once you have reached the top of the steps and the terrace, the main museum access is through a revolving door ahead and to your right.  On both sides of the revolving door are standard powered doors which can be opened using the button on the right (right hand door) or left (left hand door).

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Information Desk

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As you enter the museum, the Information Desk is straight ahead of you on the left hand side. There is a reduced height section, and a fixed hearing loop system at either end of the desk. Large print guides for the special exhibitions are available here. 

The security desk on the St Giles entrance also functions as a reception although this is quite high up and has no reduced height section.

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There are three main lifts in the building, all of which serve different floors, and these are colour coded to differentiate between them (although it is only the signage which is different colours, rather than the lifts themselves!).  On the ground floor, the blue lift is located off Gallery 10 (China to AD 800), and covers all floors except 3M.  The pink lift is in Gallery 16 (The Greek World), and covers all floors except 4.  The yellow lift is located in Gallery 23 (Dynastic Egypt and Nubia) and only covers -1, G, 2, and 3M.  All lifts have tactile buttons and audio information. 

Please note that Galleries 62-67 can only be accessed via the pink and yellow lifts.  To get to the special exhibitions space on floor 3, you must use the blue lift. 

The lifts can become very busy at peak times. If you experience difficulties in using the lifts please speak to a member of staff who will be happy to assist you. 

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Standard toilets

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There are four sets of standard toilets (with baby changing facilities), one each on the third and fourth floors, and two in the basement.  On the basement and fourth floors, they are located in the same place as the accessible toilets (see the section below for details).  On the third floor, they are near to the entrance of the exhibition gallery. 


Accessible toilets

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There are four accessible toilets in the building: two in the basement, one on the fourth floor, and one on an intermediate level between the third and fourth floor - confusingly this is also called the fourth floor!  

On the basement floor, one accessible toilet is just off the ‘Exploring the Past’ gallery.  The simplest way to get there will be to exit the blue lift, go through the ‘Ashmolean Story’ gallery (past the stairs), and the accessible toilet will be on your left hand side.  To reach the other accessible toilet in the basement, exit the yellow lift. The toilets are across the foyer opposite the café.

On the fourth floor, the accessible toilet is directly opposite the (blue) lift. 

To reach the other accessible toilet use the blue lift. You will see that there are 2 sets of buttons. The buttons on the left are mainly marked 'Staff Only'. However, you will see that the '4' button has symbols for standard and accessible toilets as well as baby changing facilities (see photo below). Press the '4' button and make sure you exit the lift through the doors to your left (as you are looking at the buttons) - this will take you to the intermediate level between the third and fourth floors where the toilets are. 

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hearing loop

Hearing support system

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There is a fixed hearing loop located in the Headley Lecture Theatre.

There are two fixed loop systems in place at either end of the Information Desk. 

opening hours

Opening hours

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Daily 10.00-17.00
Open until 8pm on the last Friday of the month (not all galleries will be open find out more)

Cafe and restaurant
Daily 10.00-16.30
Restaurant is open until 10pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays



Inaccessible areas

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Good news – there aren’t any!


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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 0
Parking nearby (within 200m) Blue Badge
Main entrance Level
Door entry Powered
Direct contact to reception No
Number of floors 5
Accessible toilets 3
Lift to all floors Yes
Hearing support system Yes