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There is no reception as such but to the right hand side of the shop/mezzanine area is a small desk where a member of staff can be found, although you will see a member of staff on or near the doors that are always lovely and helpful!

The guides have accessible route leaflets to guide disabled users through the collection and can provide assistance to use the platform lift and provide torches and magnifying glasses where appropriate.   

There is a departmental reception desk located adjacent to the entrance on Robinson Close.

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There is a small flight of steps down to the ground floor from the main entrance, they have tactile strips and there is a central railing and both a right and left hand side railing and good lighting.

To travel between floors there is staircase located in the newer extension to the right of the lift.  This staircase has tactile edging and a continuous handrail on both the left and right hand side.

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The Pitt rivers museum is a series of open galleries.  There aren’t really any doors.  To gain entry to the galleries there is a large glass door that is held open opposite the lift on each floor.

The seminar rooms have large doors but will be held open in the case of events.

The Balfour library has a large door but the receptionist is visable and the office on the ground floor corridor is adjacent and someone can assist from either of these locations.

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On the ground floor, exhibits are arranged in display cases around three sides of the room with a broad corridor and a central exhbition cases. There is a clear wide corridoor around the outer edge.  Exhibits in the side area are in large glass cases.  Due to the historic nature of the building areas of the floor contain Victorian floor metal grids that may be a trip hazard for those with a mobility issue who use a walking aid such as a long cane.

In the large central area on the ground floor, exhibits are large wooden cases.  Space is tight to navigate between cases, museum staff can give you a 'best route' leaflet for wheelchair users, and all visitors should be aware that it can get very crowded and noisy on busy days!  

There is also an featured exhibition space with plenty of space to move between exhibits.

There are seats available around the galleries to rest.

The main galleries upstairs follow the same pattern as those downstairs, with exhibits in tall wooden cases.  

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lecture theatre

Lecture Theatres

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The main lecture theatre is located on the left hand side down the corridor that leads directly from the doors out of the main museum into the annexe. The furniture is flexible and the doors will be held open for events and teaching.

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seminar room

Seminar Rooms

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There is a large seminar space located in the room at the end of the corridor to the left as you enter the annexe from the museum (past the toilet blocks).  There is a large table and chairs and a small kitchenette.

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The Pitt Rivers Museum contains the Balfour Library. 

For level access, the library is reached from rear corridor to the left hand-side of the lift, although the library can also be accessed from the secondary entrance on Robinon Close. 

Access to the library is via a door located on the right handside of the corridor. Once inside the entire space is level.  Some of the shleving is high but the staff are more than happy to help with retrieval of material from shelves or rolling stacks as required.

Once in side there is one main room with a library counter (lowered) and two rooms, with tables and informal seating and a computer cluster.

There is a second floor that can be accessed via swipe card on the first floor there is level access via the main lift.

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gift shop

Gift Shop

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The gift shop area is on the mezzanine as you pass through the main entrance.  Space between the merchandise could be tight for some wheelchair users, and the counter is at waist height.

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adapted furniture

Specialist equipment

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The museum doesn’t have any adapted furniture although there sporadic resting chairs around the galleries.

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