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The main Welcome Desk is on the right hand side of the main entrance.  It is at waist height, and fitted with a hearing loop. 

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There are two main staircases in the building.  The north staircase has a stone bannister on the right hand side (ascending), and a partial metal railing on the left hand side.  The south staircase has a metal railing on the left hand side (ascending).  Both are stone staircases without nosings, and some of the steps might be a bit uneven.

The steps down to the toilets on the north side are also stone.  These have a metal railing on the right hand side (descending), and contrasting stone edging. 

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Due to the public nature of the building, there aren’t many closed doors in the museum!  The vast majority of doors are held open during visiting hours, including the main entrance door, access to the galleries, and the level entrance.

The entrance to the lecture theatre is a set of double wooden doors with no visual panels.  Some wheelchair users may find only one door a bit narrow, but the other can be opened if necessary.  The door to the conference area is a wooden fire door with long visual panels, and can again be held open if necessary.

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lecture theatre

Lecture Theatres

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The first floor lecture theatre is on the opposite side of the building to the lift.  The door opens onto the back of the lecture theatre, and the main seating area is fully ramped.  The seating is arranged as fixed rows of desks and chairs, and the space between them could be a bit narrow for some.   There is no level access to the stage, or to the raised seating area at the very back of the theatre.  The three steps to the stage have a metal handrail on the right (ascending) but no nosing, and the steps at the back of the room have contrasting nosing, but no handrail. 

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On the ground floor, exhibits are arranged in display cases around three sides of the room, and also in the central area.  There is plenty of space to navigate around the side galleries, although the stone floors may be a bit uneven.  Exhibits in the side area are in large glass cases, but nothing is too high up to see. 

 In the large central area on the ground floor, exhibits are dotted in ‘islands’ around the space.  There is plenty of room to move around here, although power chair users could find some areas a bit narrow, and all visitors should be aware that it can get very crowded and noisy on busy days!  Those using sticks or crutches should be careful, as there are wrought iron panels in the floor.  There are seats available around the space.

 There is a small carpeted gallery upstairs by the lift.  This contains wall displays, as well as a TV screen with video display.  The main galleries upstairs follow the same pattern as those downstairs, with exhibits in tall wooden cases.  Please be aware that some of these have sections that stick out at waist level.

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common room

Seminar Rooms

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The conference room is in the museum annexe on the lower ground floor  To reach it, follow the corridor round from the lift.  The space is open plan, with moveable tables and chairs, but can be divided using sliding doors with frosted visual panels.  It is mostly used for events and educational visits.

gift shop

Gift Shop

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The gift shop area is on the ground floor to the right of the main entrance.  Space between the merchandise could be tight for some wheelchair users, and the counter is at waist height.

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The café is on the first floor, and will be on your right as you exit the space where the lift is.  It runs along one side of the first floor gallery, so is quite narrow, but the tables and chairs are moveable.   The café is fully staffed.  

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On-site disabled parking spaces 2
Parking nearby (within 200m) Pay and Display
Main entrance Not level
Alternative entrance (level access) Yes
Door entry Manual
Direct contact to reception Intercom
Number of floors 3
Accessible toilets 3
Hearing support system Yes