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The Exam Schools have a large entrance hall with a staffed ‘cabin’. There is no lowered section but the staff are very friendly and willing to help!  This is immediately in front of the main doors as you enter. 

If you use the alternative entrance, the cabin backs onto the corridor, where there is a lowered section, or alternatively the ramp should be down for larger events.

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There are two main staircases in the Exam Schools. 

The main staircase is located midway along the long corridor.  The staircase is original and as such doesn’t have tactile nosing or high contrast markings.  There is also no handrail as such except a large marble banister.

There is a secondary staircase located at the back of the Exam Schools, again this is original and doesn’t have tactile or high contrast nosings. There is however a grab rail located on the right hand side as you ascend.

There is also a smaller staircase located to the left of the reception area, which leads down the toilets and up to the upper floor.  Again the stair is original and as such has no tactile or high contrast nosings. There is also no railing/grab rail.

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The Exam Schools has a range of doors! In the large rooms upstairs there are large solid wooden sliding doors (two doors) but these should be open for any lectures/events. They are original and as such don’t have any adaptations for vision panels.

In the smaller teaching spaces (ground floor) the double doors to each room are also original and don’t have vision panels, and are manually opened. Some users of larger wheelchairs may need both doors to be open.

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lecture theatre

Lecture Theatres

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The larger rooms upstairs act as lecture theatres.  These are all level access (via the lift) and have flexible seating.

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seminar room

Seminar Rooms

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The smaller seminar rooms (ground floor) are again all level access.  The seating is also flexible to accommodate anyone with specific access requirements.

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Accessible Computers

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There is not a permanent computer cluster but the Exam Schools can set up an cluster for specific events and it will be fully accessible.

common room

Common Rooms

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There is a seating area located at the first corner of the corridor on the ground floor. The tables are all high bar style ones; there are however window seats at a lower height.

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adapted furniture

Specialist equipment

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There are height adjustable desks available for students who need them.

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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 0
Parking nearby (within 200m) Blue Badge
Main entrance Not level
Alternative entrance (level access) Yes
Door entry Powered
Direct contact to lodge Doorbell
Number of floors 3
Accessible toilets 2
Lift to all floors Yes
Hearing support system Yes