Priority Groups

3.1 Priority groups

There is a long waiting list for childcare and Childcare Services therefore operates a priority system for the allocation of places. The priority groups are:

  1. parents or children with a disability
  2. lone parents (this only applies where one parent has sole legal responsibility for the child.  It does not apply where parents live and/or work apart)
  3. This priority applies where an older sibling remains in attendance on a University nursery placement. Childcare Services will have a record of this on their database and therefore no action is required;
  4. those who have been nominated under the sponsored priority scheme.
  5. Student parents.

The priorities are hierarchical – i.e. those with disability are the highest, working down to students and ordered within the individual priorities by the date the application was received.  Thereafter, all non-priority applicants are offered places (when available) according to the date when they applied.

3.2 Exceptions to the allocation procedure

In the case of a genuine emergency need for childcare (such as the serious illness or death of a close relative) an exception to the allocation procedure may be made.  In such cases, parents should contact the Head of Childcare Services.