Central University Research Ethics Committee Membership

The Committee considers ethical issues regarding research involving human participants and personal data only.

Membership as at TT 2019 will be as follows:

 NameConditions of appointmentUntil
[1] Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Principal, Jesus College(Chair)

A person appointed by Council who shall Chair the committee

MT 2022
[2] Junior Proctor, Professor Sophie Marnette One of the Proctors or the Assessor as may be agreed between them ex officio
[3] Professor Jane Green, Nuffield Department of Population Health The Chair of the Medical Sciences Interdivisional Research Ethics Committee ex officio
[4] Dr Lucie Cluver, Department of Social Policy and Intervention The Chair of the Social Sciences Interdivisional Research Ethics Committee ex officio
[5] Professor Kevin Marsh, St Cross The Chair of the Oxford Tropical Research Ethics Committee ex officio
[6] Mr Stuart Farr Two external persons appointed by the Research & Innovation Committee of Council MT 2022
[7] Dr Donna Chambers As above MT 2021
[8] Ms Jacqueline Broadhead, School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography Up to six persons appointed by the Research & Innovation Committee of Council to ensure appropriate representation of areas of research involving human participants or personal data MT 2022
[9] Dr Kate Blackmon, Merton As above MT 2022
[10] Associate Professor Liam Gearon,
Department of Education
Harris Manchester
As above MT 2023
[11] Dr Angeliki Kerasidou, Nuffield Department of Population Health As above MT 2023
[12] Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones, Christ Church As above MT 2023
Co-opted (The committee may co-opt up to four additional members, who may be internal or external, and who shall hold office for such period as the committee may determine)
  Mrs Lorna Carter, member of Policy and Advocacy Committee of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene    MT 2020
  Associate Professor Guy Kahane, Faculty of Philosophy, Pembroke    HT 2023
  Professor Andrew Martin, Department of Computer Science, Kellogg     MT 2020

Secretary: Council Secretariat (Aristea Gkontra)

Queries should be addressed to the Committee