Disability Advisory Group

The Disability Advisory Group (DAG) is a working group that provides advice and guidance on disability issues to the Equality and Diversity Unit and the Equality and Diversity Panel which reports to Personnel and Education Committees.  We are working towards a culture that is more aware of and supportive of disabled people.  Services for disabled students fall outsisde the remit of this group.

Membership is drawn from staff across the collegiate University with experience of or an interest in disability. The list is not exhaustive and from time to time new co-opted members may be invited to the group (for a specific time) to assist with projects that the group is working on. The membership will be discussed and revised every two years to ensure that the group has the opportunity to work with new and fresh ideas.

Current members

Hannah Boschen, Oxford Learning Institute

Jason Gurney, Finance

Dan Holloway, Linguistics and Philology

Gil Middleton, Anthropology and Museum Ethnography

Paul Moorhouse, Finance

Caroline Moughton, Staff Disability Advisor, Equality and Diversity Unit (leaving June 2018)

Kathy Noren-Curtis, Disability Advisory Service

Teresa Pedroso, Bodleian Libraries (leaving summer 2018)

Dr Martin Shotter, Wadham College

Dr Fiona Spensley, Lady Margaret Hall

Dr Catherine Walter, Chair, Linacre College

Verity Westgate, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences


  •  To advise the Equality and Diversity Panel and the Equality and Diversity Unit (EDU) on issues relating to staff disability.
  •  To enable the views of disabled people to inform policy development and decision-making at the University.
  •  To support the University in developing good practice in relation to providing a safe and supportive environment for disabled staff and visitors.

 Working methods

The group will meet at least once a term.

The group will report to the Equality and Diversity Panel.

The group will circulate agendas and minutes to encourage input from members of the Staff Disability Network.

Further information

To find out more about the group please contact equality@admin.ox.ac.uk.