That Way Lies Madness: Poets, Power, Health.

"A good education always provokes a crisis in the student. This was certainly true of my time writing a D.Phil. and starting out as a poet at Oxford. Depression has taught me the restorative strength of accurate language. How, then to deal with forces which compromise that clarity? Mental illness, if well supported, offers important clues in the struggle for personal and collective honesty. This talk offers a poet’s perspective on the use and abuse of linguistic power." Gwyneth Lewis

The Equality and Diversity Unit and TORCH were delighted to welcome Gwyneth Lewis to give the 2018 Disability Lecture. Gwyneth was the Welsh National Poet in 2005-6. She is also a librettist, a dramatist and a writer, her first non-fiction book Sunbathing in the Rain: A Cheerful Book about Depression (2002), was shortlisted for the Mind Book of the Year. Gwyneth Lewis:

That Way Lies Madness: Poets, Power, Health. A Talk by Gwyneth Lewis

A podcast of the lecture is available here:

Details for the 2019 Lecture will be posted soon.