Support for disabled staff

Flexibility is the key to arranging effective support.  We are all different, and support will vary depending on the individual and the requirements of their role.

Discussing your needs, and any difficulties you are experiencing because of your disability, is a good place to start.  You could:

  • Talk to your line manager (if you already have a good idea of what support you need);
  • Talk in confidence with the Staff Disability Advisor (Please note that the Disability Advisor works part-time in the EDU and may not be able to respond immediately)
  • Make an appointment with the University’s Occupational Health Service;

Please be proactive in discussing whether you need any support.  If you told us that you have a disability during recruitment when you completed the Equal Opportunities monitoring form, this information will be used for monitoring purposes only.  Please tell us again, if you want to talk about possible support.

The kinds of support that you may find helpful might include:

  • Agreeing working hours to suit your needs (perhaps slightly different start and finish times);
  • Changes to office layout;
  • Alternative equipment, such as a different computer mouse or chair;
  • Assistive software and equipment e.g. Text-to-speech software, magnification software;
  • Permission to attend medical appointments during the working day (discuss whether you need to make up the time);
  • Assistance from a person e.g. a support worker or British Sign Language interpreter;
  • Training e.g. workplace strategies training from a dyslexia specialist.

It is good practice to make a record of arrangements, and to review them regularly (perhaps during an annual personal development review).  Your condition may change and so may the requirements of your work role.


Departments are expected to pay for support for disabled staff.   We wouldn't expect an individual to pay for any equipment or other assistance they need at work. However if your department agrees that you may work at home on an occasional basis we would normally expect you to provide your own equipment.

External funding may be available through the Access to Work Scheme. This funding is more generous for new starters who apply within the initial six weeks of their role.  Please contact the Staff Disability Advisor for advice on how to apply