Bids to the VC’s Diversity Fund

The Vice Chancellor's Diversity Fund has supported the following projects:

Project descriptionProject leadAmount grantedProject status
The Returning Carers' Fund: a University-wide grants scheme to support the return to research of individuals who have taken a break for maternity or other caring responsibilities Divisional Offices and the EDU  £400,000 Established in 2014, the Returning Carers' Fund has so far made grants to 132 individuals. A Review of the Returning Carers' Fund, January 2016 (345kb) showed that it has been extremely successful in meeting it goals, and it will be established on a permanent basis from 2016-17.
A series of high profile lunch-time lectures by women outstanding in their field, under the sponsorship of the Vice Chancellor Dr Rebecca Surender (PVC Diversity)  £24,000 The Women of Achievement lecture series was launched in February 2016. The second lecture was given by Katharine Viner, Editor-in-Chief at the Guardian, on 4 May 2016.
An online repository of the experiences of women in science at Oxford Professor Sue Ziebland (Primary Care Health Sciences) and Chris Price (Radcliffe Department of Medicine)  £69,008 The website was launched in April 2016.
A ‘Women in Mathematics’ event in collaboration with the London Mathematical Society Professor Frances Kirwan (Mathematical Institute), Professor Alison Etheridge (Department of Statistics) and Professor David Gavaghan (Department of Computer Science)  £20,000 The event took place in April 2015. A second two-day conference for school girls was held in January 2016 following this successful pilot.
The diversification of the portraiture in Wellington Square and the Exam Schools Trudy Coe (EDU)  £47,000 The first stage of the project has identified existing images which illustrate the diversity of Oxford’s past and present. So far around 230 portraits have been identified and catalogued. More details are on the project webpage.
University-wide provision of personal development training for female research staff, on the lines of the current Springboard women’s development programme Professor Ros Ballaster (University Skills Group)  £33,221  
Research projects in MSD and SSD to identify the cultural barriers to the progression of women Professor Mary Daly and Stephen Conway (SSD Divisional Office)  £77,410 Surveys were conducted across the two divisions and results disseminated through a series of workshops. SSD has developed a divisional action plan in repsonse to findings from the survey and a follow-on piece of qualitative research.
A post to support the development of the University’s application to the Race Equality Charter Mark Emma Potts (AAD)  £52,871 The postholder is in place and the University will submit an application to the Race Equality Charter Mark in July 2017.
The creation of a number of Daphne Jackson Fellowships and related communications to promote the possibilities for part-time working in research posts Professor Stu West (Zoology)  £84,000  
A UK Women in Physics Intercollegiate Conference for undergraduate Physics students, closely modelled on a successful US initiative Professor Daniela Bortoletto (Physics)  £27,000 The event took place in March 2015. A second event was run in March 2016 following the success of the pilot.
A flagship event on women in science to be held as part of the 2014 Co-Education Celebrations Christine Fairchild (Alumni Office)  £1,900 The event took place in November 2014.
A conference on 'Gender and Ethics in the Philosophy Profession' Dr Paul Lodge (Philosophy)  £5,400 The event took place in June 2015. A number of initiatives within departments and the profession more generally have arisen as a result.
Support to the OxFEST conference 'Postcards from the Future: Rewriting the Script for Women in STEM' Anna Muszkiewicz and Ronja Woloszczuk (OxFEST)  £1,600 The event took place in March 2015.
Race and the curriculum in Oxford: a series of events to support diversification of the curriculum in terms of racial and ethnic perspectives Philippa O'Connor (Education Policy Support) £17,800  
A project to integrate LGBT history into the curriculum Professor Dan Healey (History) £1,450  
A series of public engagement events and installations to link in with the TORCH Headline Series 2017 on Diversity Professor Elleke Boehmer and Victoria McGuinness (TORCH) £50,000  
Parents for STEM futures Daisy Hung (MPLS Divisional Office) £10,000  
An online resource on the experiences of disabled staff members Caroline Moughton (EDU) and Dr Sara Ryan (Primary Care Health Sciences) £50,015  
Diversity training Sharon Neal (OLI) £17,900  
LGBT role models programme Tony Brett (LGBT Advisory Group) £6,250  
BME leaders event Nita Fisher (BME staff network) £1,500