Recruitment and selection

The University of Oxford is an international organisation, employing staff from over 100 countries and territories. This makes for a diverse and vibrant community.

The University’s Strategic Plan includes a commitment to recruit and retain the best academic staff and ensure that under-represented groups have equality of opportunity in recruitment, personal development, and career progression in all areas of employment in the University.

Recruitment is always undertaken through a rigorous selection process and is guided by a Staff Recruitment and Selection Code of Practice. To apply for any post, you will need to submit a clear statement, listing all the criteria in the job description and showing exactly how you meet each one. However, your experience does not need to have been gained through employment – you may have gained the relevant skills through volunteering or other unpaid work.

Recruitment panels then assess which candidates best meet the selection criteria, on the basis of the statements provided, and invite a small number to interview. Chairs of selection panels have to be trained in inclusive recruitment, including in how to remove any potential biases from the recruitment process.

To support our equality and diversity work, we collect data on applicants. However, this personal information does not form part of the recruitment process and is not seen by any member of the recruitment panel. In all cases, your ability to perform the job will be the primary consideration in a selection decision.

We welcome applications from people with a disability. Please let us know if you need any reasonable adjustments to ensure a fair interview process. If you are offered a job with the University you will have an opportunity to discuss whether you need any reasonable adjustments at work.