Recruitment Monitoring Scheme

The University of Oxford is proud to have a diverse workforce. Our policy and practice is that entry into employment with the University, and progression within employment, will be determined only by criteria which are related to the duties of a particular post and the relevant salary scale. No applicant or member of staff will be treated less favourably than another because of their age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief (including lack of belief), sex and sexual orientation.

To enable us to monitor how far we are meeting our equal opportunities policy; and to consider any changes that may be needed to our provision and practices, we collect equal opportunities monitoring data on all applicants and staff. Analysis of this data also enables us to meet our equality duties as a public sector employer.


Recruitment monitoring data is collected and managed via the application process.

As the recruitment process progresses it is important to ensure that the appropriate Applicant Statuses have been updated at each stage. This is to ensure that the university continues to be able to carry out its Equal Opportunities monitoring and reporting.

Maintaining these statuses is also essential to enable reporting on the success of advertisement placements, production of applicant letters, etc.

The statuses highlighted in bold below are particularly important – it is this information that ensures accuracy of reporting data.

Applied Automatically allocated to all new applicants.
Shortlisted Change to this for those applicants indicated by the Selection Panel as ‘shortlisted’. This will be the status used to generate interview invites and the shortlist form.
Invited to Interview Change to this for applicants after they have been sent invites for first interview, second interview etc.
Preferred Candidate Change to this for selected applicant indicated by the Selection Panel after interviews.
Offer Made - Personnel Change to this when a verbal offer (conditional) has been made to preferred candidate.
Offer Accepted - Personnel Change to this when preferred candidate has confirmed that they accept the conditional offer.