Childcare Provision

University Nursery Provision

The University has one of the most generous approaches to childcare provision in the UK higher education sector. As of summer 2016, the University offers 477fte (full time equivalent) discounted childcare places for eligible members of staff (and students) at five University nurseries, and a further 134 University places at nine community nurseries in and around Oxford. University nursery provision is outsourced to reputable nursery providers under contracts managed by Childcare Services. There is a waiting list and it is common practice for expectant parents to apply for a nursery place well before their child is born. Mothers and fathers have equal rights in applying for place. For more information visit the Childcare Services web pages:

Certain colleges and departments participate in the university sponsored places scheme, which enables them to nominate staff or students for a priority place on the nursery waiting list. Ask your college or departmental administrator if they have such a place and whether it is occupied.

College Nurseries

Some colleges have their own nurseries offering a further 75fte places. Priority is given to staff and students who are members of the respective college, although many do accept applications from staff and students from other colleges when places are available. College nurseries are independent, with their own rates and policies, and are separate to the University’s nursery provision. Contact the colleges direct for details of application procedures, fees and visits to the nurseries.

Balliol College Nursery 

2a Rawlinson Road 

Tel: (01865) 515654


Wolfson College Nursery

Linton Road 

Tel: 01865 (2)74085


 St. Paul’s Nursery (Somerville College)

119a Walton Street

Tel: 01865 (2)70686


St. Anne’s College Nursery

St Anne's nursery is open to all.

48 Woodstock Road

Tel: 01865 (2)74868

Salary Sacrifice Scheme

If you have a university nursery place, you can significantly reduce the cost of childcare by joining the University’s Nursery Fee Salary Sacrifice Scheme. Under this scheme, the employee agrees to reduce his/her salary by the amount of his/her nursery fee and in return benefits from lower tax and national insurance deductions on the reduced salary. Under current legislation, the scheme only applies to nurseries where the employer takes part in "financing and managing the provision of the care”: employees using non-university nurseries are therefore not eligible for the scheme.

Nursery fee salary sacrifice scheme

Childcare Vouchers

The University offers child care vouchers to eligible staff as an opportunity to save tax and national insurance on other childcare costs. The vouchers can be used for registered childcare facilities such as fees for non-university nurseries, before and after school clubs, holiday play schemes, childminders, nannies and crèche facilities including those at swimming pools, gyms and supermarkets.

Private Day Nurseries in Oxfordshire

You can search for local lists of private day nurseries via Oxfordshire Family Information Service. Terms, conditions and fees will vary.

A reliable nursery should be registered with OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills: OFSTED) who regulate the quality of education (including pre-school education), providing inspection reports that are publically available for parents and guardians to view. It is worth reading these reports for nurseries you are interested in.

Schools and Holiday Play Schemes in Oxfordshire

The University works in partnership with play scheme providers to support families during the school holiday periods. View the University of Oxford Childcare Services website for further details.

For information about applying for a place at a local school in Oxfordshire visit Oxfordshire Family Information Service

OFSTED provide inspection reports on the quality of teaching and education at all state schools in England and Wales. Parents and guardians can view OFTED reports by visiting their website

If you intend to send your child to a private school you must contact them individually. Most private schools have useful prospectuses and websites.