Information for Parents

Information for parents

For further information please visit the University of Oxford Childcare Services.

Pregnancy and Maternity Leave

The University of Oxford’s policy on maternity leave and pay is one of the most generous in UK higher education. Full details can be found at:

Paternity Leave

The University makes generous provision for paternity leave and pay for new fathers (and partners), including fathers of adopted children.

Adoption Leave

If you are adopting a child from within the UK, you are entitled to a period of leave to enable you to bond and care for your new child.  If you are adopting a child from overseas, contact your local administrator for guidance.

Parental Leave

As a parent, you have a right to take unpaid time off work to look after your child or to make arrangements for the child's welfare, for example, to:

-       accompany a child during a stay in hospital;

-       check out new schools;

-       settle a child into new childcare arrangements;

-       enable family to spend more time together. For example, taking a child to stay with grandparents.

Leave for Other Reasons

The University recognises that you may need to take occasional leave from work to fulfil caring responsibilities for dependants who are sick, or to deal with domestic emergencies; discretionary leave is available for these purposes.

Flexible Working

The University supports and encourages the use of flexible working practices, in order to enable employees to care for dependants or to strike a better balance between their work and family life. A flexible working arrangement can be any working pattern other than the normal working pattern in your department and may be a formal or informally agreed arrangment. Examples include part-time working,  job sharing or homeworking. Any member of staff who would like to consider flexible working arrangements should discuss the matter with their departmental administrator or equivalent, in the first instance.