Responding to customer queries

We have set standards for responding to customer queries, which apply to all staff across Estates Services. These are the minimum standards you can expect when contacting any of our teams:

  • We will answer all calls to our helpdesks within five rings.
  • We aim to answer all telephone enquiries straight away. When this is not possible due to staff absence, voicemail will be enabled and we will respond to your message within two working days of the staff member returning.
  • We will respond to all letters and faxes requiring a response within five working days of receipt. If this is not possible we will keep you updated regarding the progress of your enquiry.
  • We will respond to all emails requiring a response within seven working days of receipt. If we are not able to provide a full response within this timescale, we will acknowledge receipt of your email and advise you when a response can be expected.
  • We will enable out-of-office automatic responses whenever staff members are absent, detailing when they are expected to return and who to contact in the meantime.
  • All emails sent from Estates Services will contain an email signature with full contact details.
  • We will ensure you are greeted by an appropriate member of staff within ten minutes of your scheduled meeting time. We ask that when visiting our offices at a pre-arranged time you let us know if you are running late.

Service delivery and quality

Individual teams within Estates Services are working on service delivery and quality standards.  These will be published as soon as they have been finalised.

Service Delivery Standards
Repairs and Maintenance Service Standards 2015-16 (605kb)
DLO performance Jul 2016 (113kb)  
Facilities Management Delivery and Quality Standards - August 2017 (403kb)
Environmental Sustainability Delivery and Quality Standards (282kb)  
Capital Projects Service Delivery and Quality Standards (303kb)
University Parks Service Delivery and Quality Standards 2016 (586kb)
Information, Space and Options Service Delivery and Quality Standards 2016 (459kb)
Business Administration Service Delivery and Quality Standards 2016 (378kb)
Graduate and Residential Accommodation Performance Report 2016 (2,739kb)
Estates Finance Customer Service Report 2017 (300kb)
Security Services Performance Report 2017 (1,322kb)


We respect that where information is provided to us we have a responsibility to ensure confidentiality and all staff have completed information security training. The University policy on information security can be found here.

Information on the Data Protection Act 1998 and University compliance can be found here.

As well as our assurances that data and information will be protected at all times, we also guarantee your privacy in face to face meetings. We have a number of private meeting rooms available across our office locations to ensure privacy when you meet with us.

Fair treatment

We are committed to treating customers fairly at all times and we work within all University policies relating to equality, diversity and equal opportunities. Further information about University policies can be found here.