Electrical Services

The electrical services team manages the University’s electrical systems, from the 11000v supplies to the three pin sockets on the walls, and the operation and maintenance of all fixed electrical installations, as defined in the Estates Standing Orders and the Safety Office Policy Statement S4/10, Working Safely with Electricity.

In addition to providing advice and guidance on all aspects of the electrical system, their remit covers:

Maintenance of high and low voltage distribution networks

The University operates and maintains its own 11000 volt distribution network on several sites around Oxford, comprising local substations and underground cable services feeding various buildings, to enable maintenance of and alterations to the distribution with minimal disruption. 

Fixed electrical installations in buildings up to and including the socket outlet

  • Organisation and monitoring of all alterations and additions to the fixed electrical system, including lighting
  • Monitoring of all electrical contractors to ensure all works are carried out in a safe and appropriate manner
  • Monitoring of trends in electrical faults to enable planning and future replacement works.

Electrical testing and inspection

Physical inspecting and testing of all fixed electrical equipment and accessories including wiring, is carried out on a five-yearly basis.  This is planned several months in advance in close cooperation with building users to minimise disruption.

Lightning protection

Checking of lightning protection systems, which are installed in many buildings, is undertaken every two years, usually without any disruption to building users.

Interior and exterior lighting

Advice on all aspects of lighting and lighting control for both internal and external lighting, in order to maximise energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

Monitoring electrical demand and supply quality

The University has invested heavily in Smart Metering installations throughout many buildings, to obtain comprehensive information about electrical usage and the quality of the electrical supply. The system is used extensively by the Environmental Sustainability team as part of their carbon and energy management. 

Generator installations

Many buildings now incorporate generators for essential services, which require regular maintenance and monitoring.