10 March 2017

Beecroft Building reaches its highest point

A topping-out ceremony last week marked the completion of the highest point of the new Beecroft Building, which will house the Physics Department once it is finished later in 2017.

Among those present were Vice-chancellor Professor Louise Richardson, senior Physics Department figures and Adrian Beecroft, who provided major support for the project. They added the final concrete touches to the £40m building’s topmost level.

‘The Beecroft Building has been carefully designed to enable delicate experimentation and robust theoretical discussion to take place within a single centre of excellence,’ said Professor Richardson. ‘Today’s topping-out ceremony marks a major milestone in the construction of a building that will provide our world-leading scientists at the Department of Physics with the very best facilities in which to undertake their pioneering research.’

The building is designed to provide both theoretical and experimental physicists with state-of-the-art facilities. The laboratories in its 16m-deep basement – Oxford’s deepest – will provide an extremely stable environment with low vibration levels and excellent temperature control. Above ground there will be accommodation for theorists, with discussion spaces suitable for groups from a couple of people up to a dozen or more.

‘The Beecroft Building will enable us to do science which is impossible in the Physics Department’s existing facilities,’ explained Professor John Wheater, Head of Department. ‘We can see at today’s ceremony that it is becoming a reality. I would like to thank everyone who has worked so hard to get the project to this point and encourage you all to stay focussed for the final year of construction as a great deal remains to be done.’