26 May 2017

Successful event explores future of sustainable building

A conference on 17 May brought professionals from across the construction and higher education industries to Oxford to discuss their experiences of why buildings don’t always provide the environmental performance their designers intend.

Organised by the Universities of Oxford and Warwick, the event attracted 97 delegates to St Anthony’s College. After an opening address by Paul Goffin, Director of Estates, they saw ten presentations across three sessions, grouped around the themes of developing, delivering and commissioning projects.

The event is part of the University’s efforts to increase levels of knowledge both within Estates Services and among its suppliers to support its recent move to using the Passivhaus methodology for putting sustainability at the centre of major new building projects. The hope is that this will help overcome the remaining challenges in making truly high-performance buildings the norm.

This is expected to be the first of several knowledge-building events for Estates colleagues, staff at other higher education institutions and construction suppliers.