9 February 2015

Oxford rated fifth in international Green Metric league

GreenMetric world universities ranking 2014

The University of Oxford has been ranked fifth out of 360 universities from 62 countries – and third in the UK – in Universitas Indonesia’s Green Metric Ranking of World Universities.

The survey, which has been running for five years and is growing in popularity, compares efforts towards campus sustainability and environmentally friendly university management.

The University completed Green Metrics for the first time this year and submitted information in response to 41 questions covering topics such as area of green space, transport provision, and policies. The information was organised under six main categories, weighted as follows: Green Statistics (15%), Energy and Climate Change (21%), Waste management (18%), Water usage (10%), Transportation (18%), and Education (18%).

Tom Heel, Acting Head of Environmental Sustainability, said: ‘Though assessments such as this are limited in scope such a positive result is extremely gratifying.  The University will continue to build on success such as this, cultivating sustainability across a wide range of areas.’

You can find out more about ongoing projects in the Environmental Sustainability team annual report.