2 October 2015

Big Data Institute Shortlisted for Green Award

The Big Data Institute building (BDI), which forms part of the University’s Old Road Campus research site, has been shortlisted for the Buildings & Energy Efficiency (BE&E) awards.

Previously known as the Greenbuild awards, the B&EE Awards reward innovation and achievement in energy efficiency in buildings across the UK. The judging panel for the Build Awards is made up of industry leaders ensuring that these awards are a genuine badge of honour for those that win.

The BDI building encompasses several uses, accommodating two research departments, seminar space and a data processing facility.  The building, due for completion in November 2016, is designed to be at the pinnacle of sustainable design for the built environment.  Central to the concept of the building is the use of passive design, which is based on achieving energy savings without the use of a power plant or mechanical equipment, and natural ventilation principles wherever possible to reduce the energy consumed by mechanical ventilation and active heating and cooling systems.

The design is also mindful of the principle of energy conservation and seeks to capture energy once it has been used, for example waste heat from equipment and extraction, and to convert it to a new form and continuously recycle it where possible.

The winner of the BE&E awards will be announced at a ceremony in Manchester on Tuesday 10 November.