1 July 2016

Public Consultation - Design Development for Castle Mill Graduate Accommodation

The University of Oxford has held a first public consultation on 1 and 2 July in relation to design proposals for the exterior of the Castle Mill graduate accommodation site.

The consultation information boards seek to illustrate a effective and deliverable design proposals that incorporate colour and tone; elevational treatments, including dark gable tops, altered window proportions, shutters on west facing gables, green walls; and landscaping. The proposals are set out in the consultation boards here:

Castle Mill Consultation Boards (6,708kb)

The University will review all feedback and will take it into account before revised designs are presented at a second public consultation later this year. An online feedback form is available here.

If you have any queries regarding the event please do not hesitate to contact the University at the following email address: public.consultation@admin.ox.ac.uk.