8 July 2016

Public Consultation - Presentation of proposals for a new goods lift at Radcliffe Science Library, Parks Road, Oxford

The University has held a public consultation on 9 July where proposals for a new goods lift to serve the existing basement beneath the Radcliffe Science Library (RSL) courtyard have been set out.

The existing basement has been in position since the 1970’s and currently can only be accessed via staircases and a single small lift which are located within the Science Library building itself.

The basement space has become available following the successful completion of the refurbishment of the Weston Library and opening of the Swindon Book Repository. The University intends to repurpose this space for use as part of the University Museums. At present, storage for the Museums is spread across a number of sites and the use of the space within the existing basement of the library would consolidate a large part of this.

The provision of a lift and its location has been carefully considered given the sensitive, historic nature of the immediate surroundings. Specialist heritage consultants Purcell have carried out appropriate assessments of the development and design of the proposed lift in discussion with Oxford City Council and Historic England. The consultation information can be found here:

Radcliffe Science Library Lift Public Consultation Boards (4,652kb)

An online feedback form can be found here. The deadline for responses is 25 July 2016. The University will review all feedback and will take it into account before progressing with applications for Planning and Listed Building Consent for the goods lift.

If you have any queries regarding the event please do not hesitate to contact the University at the following email address: public.consultation@admin.ox.ac.uk.