6 July 2016

Public consultation - Presentation of the Vision and Masterplan for land at Osney Mead Industrial Estate, Oxford.

The University of Oxford has held a public consultation where the vision and masterplan for the redevelopment of the Osney Mead Industrial Estate has been displayed.

The Osney Mead Industrial Estate is an under-utilised site in an important area of Oxford which benefits from good access to the city centre. As one of the principal landowners the University, in partnership with local agencies, is in a good position to put forward a coherent vision for the site which could help unlock its potential and bring economic benefits to the City and the region.  

The University is preparing a masterplan for the regeneration of the whole site which aims to provide increased opportunities for employment, homes and supporting uses, and better pedestrian and cycle connections to the City centre and surrounding areas. It envisages a transformation of Osney Mead into a pleasant waterside place, with new publicly accessible outdoor spaces and improved landscape, and reduced risk of flooding.   

As part of the initial assessment work on the site a masterplan has been prepared by the University to help frame future discussions and understand the issues affecting redevelopment. The University now wishes to seek the views of local residents and stakeholders on the masterplan. This will help identify key issues which need to be addressed in taking the proposals forward. The consultation information boards can be found here:

Osney Mead Masterplan Public Consultation Boards (2,626kb)

We welcome feedback on the proposals prior to the University taking forward the detailed masterplanning of the site. An online version of the feedback form is available here. The deadline for feedback is 22 July 2016. The University will review all feedback and will take it into account in progressing the masterplan. Subsequent consultation events will take place as the masterplan and specific proposals progress.  

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the University at the following email address: public.consultation@admin.ox.ac.uk