24 November 2016

University Parks and Wytham Woods Gain CSE Accreditation

The University Parks and Wytham Woods have become the latest part of Estates Services to gain accreditation to the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) standard.

Customer Service Excellence Logo They achieved this after a two-day process in which an assessor looked at evidence of how the two departments interact with their customers. This involved speaking to staff, partners and the customers themselves.

Parks and Woods gained joint accreditation. Together they were judged to comply fully with the CSE standard in 54 out of 57 areas, with three areas of partial compliance. There were seven areas of ‘Compliance Plus’, representing best practice. These were primarily connected to information and accessibility, and included:

  • Increasing use of social media
  • The teams’ drive to increase the general public’s access to their services
  • The wide range of partnership arrangements that benefit customers in both short and long term
  • The relationship between Wytham Woods and Wytham village, with benefits for the wider community