19 May 2017

Royal visit to Oxford’s first non-residential Passivhaus

HRH Prince Charles visited Oxford this week, looking in at Kellogg College to see its innovative new Hub building, which opened its doors at the start of the month.

Prince Charles at Kellogg College Hub, 16 May 2017 The Hub is a highly innovative structure – the first non-residential building in Oxford to be designed according to the Passivhaus methodology, which aims to produce extremely comfortable buildings that use very little energy. Estates Services recently announced that it is adopting Passivhaus as its standard approach to designing new buildings to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The Hub provides a new social centre at the heart of the college, with a café – also open to the general public – and spaces for study and informal gatherings. The construction was managed by the Estates Services Capital Projects team.

During his visit, the Prince met students, alumni and academics associated with the MSc in Sustainable Urban Development, which is delivered in collaboration with the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community. He discussed work that is being done in Oxford to address the challenges of global urbanisation, and viewed material about issues such as improving building design, remediating degraded brownfield sites and sustainable drainage systems.

Kellogg College Hub