15 February 2018

Security Services gains CCTV certification

The Security Services team has reached its goal of being certified under the government’s CCTV Code of Practice, designed to regulate the use of CCTV systems and to reassure the public that they are used in a proportionate way to protect their safety, not to spy on them.

The team completed the first leg of the certification process in late 2017 after a full audit of documents and procedures relating to the University-wide CCTV system. This was followed by a site visit to the Control Room and further assessment this February, which revealed several areas of best practice in which Security Services already complies with – and in some areas exceeds – the requirements of the Code. The assessment process has involved a thorough review of the system itself and the policies, procedures and standards in place and operated by Security Services staff.

The team is one of only a handful of university security services in the UK to achieve certification. Compliance with the code is currently voluntary for higher education institutions, but the team believe it is possible that the requirements will be tightened up over time and that compliance may one day be mandatory for all system operators. If this happens, Security Services will be well-placed to advise other parts of the University that operate their own CCTV systems on how to go about gaining certification. In the meantime, the certification shows the team’s commitment to ensuring a safe and secure University estate while also improving customer satisfaction.