4 July 2018

Environmental Sustainability host international guests

The Environmental Sustainability team have been doing a lot of knowledge-sharing in recent weeks, receiving international guests and taking part in conferences to communicate their work to reduce the University’s environmental impact.

Harriet Waters presenting at the EAUC conference.Last month the team hosted the annual meeting of the Sustainable Campus Network of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU). The group worked together to draft a strategic for what they will collaborate on in the next three years, following the recent publication of the IARU Green Guide for Universities. Harriet Waters, Head of Environmental Sustainability, will now chair the group for the next two years.

To finish the visit, the IARU group joined members of the environmental sustainability team at the annual conference of the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) in Keele. Harriet, Deputy Head of Environmental Sustainability Tom Heel, former team intern Rupert Stuart-Smith and IARU members ran workshops on how to get people to save energy by changing their behaviour.

The team has also recently hosted a visit from the Korea Environment Corporation. This is a South Korean state body that handles environmental initiatives including one aimed at making university campuses more sustainable. 11 people visited, including eight representatives of South Korean universities. Harriet led them on a tour of the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter and talked through an interpreter about green initiatives at Oxford. Another delegation from South Korea will be visiting later in July to learn more about the University’s approach to environmental issues.