21 July 2014

Changes to Mailroom services

Over the past 18 months the FM Team have been researching, consulting and reviewing the University’s existing mail room and messenger arrangements; led by Lisa Hofen this review has now drawn to a close and the results have been shared with our peers in the May FM Forum.

The University Messengers are handling over one million items of internal mail every year, a comparative saving against the Royal Mail equivalent of around £1 million per annum. This demonstrates that with a small amount of resource the University can deliver effective central services which give a huge saving in comparison to what external suppliers offer.  

From the research carried out, a key outcome is to move this to the next stage and not only cover the internal mail, but provide a central mail room hub, which will be provided for departments to opt into a shared mail room which has the capacity to handle mail which is destined for external delivery, ie via royal mail or courier etc.  This will be open to existing users of the messenger mail, so it really will be a one-stop-shop.

The FM team will introduce a number of changes to resource this appropriately over the next few months, but it is clear that the addition of a central mail hub offers potential further savings to the University of around a further £300,000 per year. Funding to develop a central mail hub has been secured and we hope that departments will consider the need to renew franking machine contracts and other providers of postal services.

For more information please contact Sarah King, Central FM Services Manager at sarah.king2@admin.ox.ac.uk