24 July 2014

Need a new radio system…?

During the past 12 months, Estates Services have been working on the implementation of a new radio network system designed to meet the diverse needs of the University workforce. The system aims to provide a joined up network for communication across the University and has a number of features including GPS tracking, ideal for monitoring lone working.

The first stage of the project was completed in January 2014 with the installation of the necessary hardware to allow digital communications across the University’s Estate. Radios were then issued to Security Services and to FM staff who were trained in how to use the radios and protocols surrounding them. The final stage, called the “Command and control” element is nearing completion and will mean that Security services will be able to track and locate patrols and monitor lone workers.

Currently there are over 190 individual users across the University, with 24 user groups. The groups range from the Security and FM teams to Colleges (3) Departments (5) Bodleian Library, Parks and Arboretum.

If you are interested in finding out more about how this system could benefit you contact George Newman on Tel: 01865 271480  

For further information regarding the monitoring service and Security Services Emergency response, contact Robin Wilkinson on T: 01865 (2) 72864