1 December 2016

Facilities Management Away Day

The Facilities Management team enjoyed their fourth annual away day.

Focussing on:

  • Celebrating success from the previous years
  • Setting vision for the year ahead
  • Sharing ideas and creating unity through networking and a team building activity

Away days have proven to be an effective way to bring together the Facilities Management teams spread across different sites in Estates Services. 

This year the team building activity was a ‘Rhythm Sensation drumming session’ – over 40 different kinds of drums were brought into the Sheldonian Theatre and teams participated in a two hour drumming session. Through various rhythm games and hand signals the group was guided along an inspirational journey, demonstrating improved communication and through learning different rhythms, showing how individual input is crucial to the overall sound - always disguised as outrageous fun!

Drum session video - day 1 here

Drum session video - day 2 here

Drum session video - day 3 here