17 May 2017

FM Team celebrates World FM Day

The Estates Services Facilities Management (FM) team are celebrating World FM Day, which celebrates the global facilities management industry and the benefits its work provides.

Liz Kitchener and Lisa Hofen, respectively Head and Deputy Head of Strategic FM, and John Weston, Head of FM Operations, have been on secondment working within operational teams in FM-managed buildings around the University estate on 16–17 May. They have been getting on with a variety of activities, from setting up meeting rooms and delivering post to assisting customers from the FM helpdesk.

‘Experiencing first-hand the work of our FM  team doesn’t just let us connect with them and understand the challenges they face, it also gives us an insight into all the work they do to enable positive customer experiences, and how we can all do this more effectively,’ said Liz.

To mark the occasion, the 133 staff across the FM team have all been given a chocolate bar and a postcard on which they are asked to provide an examples of how they’ve enabled positive customer experiences – the theme of this year’s World FM day. Once their contributions are in, they will be brought together, turned into a poster and shared across the team to help inspire colleagues to new heights of customer service.

 ‘We are proud of our team,’ Liz added. ‘World FM Day is both a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the diverse range of work we carry out, and a chance to ensure our services are aligned throughout the entire team. ‘