12 June 2018

University Print studio gains industry accreditation

The University Print Studio has gained accreditation from the British Print Industry Federation (BPIF).

Print studio BPIF accreditationThe team, part of Facilities Management within Estates Services, were recently awarded all three of the Seals of Excellence that the BPIF bestows after a six-month assessment determined that they meet the required standard in the three areas these cover – environmental management, health & safety and HR.

The team gained a 100% compliance rating in the first two categories, showing that its working methods match industry best practice. Expert auditors assessed whether the team was meeting each criterion with a combination of examining records, inspecting the workplace and interviewing staff.

Together, the three awards entitle the team to the full Seal of Business Excellence accreditation from BPIF; Dawn Reid, Regional Director at the BPIF, visited the Print Studio in early June to present them with their certificates.

This is a major step forward for the Print Studio team and demonstrates their expertise both to customers within the University and to those outside it; the accreditation is also held by Oxford University Press and Oxuniprint, both much larger organisations. From now on it will be reviewed every two years.