12 September 2018

Sheldonian Theatre gets new seats

The seating has been improved in the upper gallery of the Sheldonian Theatre, making it much more comfortable for people attending events as well as improving safety.

Sheldonian TheatreA common piece of feedback from guests had been that the seats could be more comfortable – until now those in the upper gallery were unpadded benches and many visitors found themselves being poked in the back by the knees of the people behind them because the seats were so closely packed. Padding has now been installed and handrails added in key places. This should discourage people from walking on seats.

The changes reduce the upper gallery’s seating capacity from 320 to 195; fewer seats means more space and comfort, as well as making it easier for staff to reach guests to offer help in an emergency. The Sheldonian is run by the Facilities Management team within Estates Services; as well as hosting a wide variety of public events such as concerts it is also available for private hire.