30 January 2018

Security Services team sells 5,000th discounted bike lock

The Security Services team is celebrating the sale of its 5,000th D-lock – a big milestone in its fight against cycle crime in Oxford.

The lucky recipient, Harry Barber, a student at St Hilda’s College, was pleasantly surprised to get his lock free of charge to mark the occasion.

Since 2013, the Security Services team has been selling high-quality bike locks to University staff and students at the subsidised price of £15. The aim is to encourage students to use good locks rather than relying on cheap cable locks, which pose little challenge to an experienced bicycle thief.

Team members also offer advice on bike security and on how to stay safe while cycling around Oxford. Their efforts have already improved the situation considerably; five years ago a typical week saw 12-15 bike thefts on University property, whereas nowadays that number has fallen to 2-3. For general advice on cycle security and safety see the Security Services website.