3 May 2019

New Estates Compliance team arrives

Estates Services has created a new team to oversee safety-critical systems across the University estate, Environmental Management for the institution as well as contractor control, safety and health for Estates Services itself.

Known as the Compliance team, Estates Services, it formed at the start of May. George Bennett, Asbestos Compliance Manager and Peter Howat, Asbestos Surveyor, move into the new team from Conservation and Buildings and Jennifer Jack from Environmental Sustainability. Further roles will be filled in due course. George and Jennifer are providing joint interim leadership; Jennifer will be spending part of each week in the Safety Office, with which the team will work closely.

The team will deal with issues including asbestos and other critical-safety systems, safety and health within Estates Services, contractor control and environmental management. In May the team will be speaking with colleagues and wider stakeholders to help frame its work and inform its priorities. If you have a general question or are not sure who to contact on a particular topic, please email estates.compliance@admin.ox.ac.uk.

Other aspects of Jennifer’s previous role, including waste management, communication and engagement campaigns such as Green Impact, will remain with Environmental Sustainability and queries on these should be sent to sustainability@admin.ox.ac.uk