15 October 2014

Estates library move to SERS

The Estates Services library has completed a move to a dedicated space within the SERS Building at Osney Mead. Over the summer, this former warehouse space has been fitted out from scratch to create a single, comprehensive reference library for all the properties in the functional and commercial estate, enabling the existing archive to be moved from cramped space at the Malthouse.

The move involved over 4.5 million pages of material comprising building plans, services and infrastructure information, building histories, photographs, planning records, O&M manuals, and committee papers.  The new library now provides a spacious, well-lit and secure working environment; archive-quality metal rolling stack (recycled from the Nuneham book store) with space to expand and for effective cataloguing; improved facilities for research, including PC access to the library catalogue (and other systems) and  high volume and large format colour scanning up to A0 on site.

To send information request please contact the Information Management team at: estates.library@admin.ox.ac.uk.

Phase 2 of the project will involve the moving of information from the asset management library currently located at Ewert House and the digitisation of all hard copy documents.