29 March 2017

WARPit springs into action to pass £100k mark

WARPit, the University of Oxford’s re-use portal, has just passed a major milestone – it has now diverted items worth a total of £100,000 from landfill, and continues to grow strongly. The portal is designed to put people with unwanted equipment in touch with others who need it, saving money and reducing wasted resources.

WARPit logo

Using WARPit benefits everyone. Donors of equipment get to free up space in their college or department, while knowing their items are being used rather than sent to landfill. Recipients of equipment save money by avoiding buying things unnecessarily.

More than 600 staff have signed up to WARPit, and there are over 300 items listed, from desks and printer cartridges to lab furniture and wheelchair tyres. The platform has already stopped some 10,000kg of items from going to landfill. Staff can set up wishlists of items their department needs and then get alerts when they become available – right now people are looking for everything from centrifuges and ice machines to birdhouses.                

WARPit can only be used to re-home work-related items, not personal ones. The Environmental Sustainability team recently launched the Spring into Action campaign to remind people all over the University of the value of re-using and recycling unwanted items; it runs until Friday 7 April.