5 May 2017

Green Impact moves to next level

This year’s Green Impact scheme has moved into its next phase, with the submission of the online workbooks that participants use to track their progress in building a more sustainable University.

Around 30 teams have filled in workbooks and submitted them at the end of April; some are just starting out and aim for recognition as ‘working towards’ Green Impact accreditation, while others are going for their bronze, silver or gold awards.

Green Impact is intended to encourage staff and students all over the University to make concrete improvements to the environmental performance of their colleges, departments, buildings or divisions. Teams earn points towards the level of certification they are aiming for by taking actions set out in their workbooks, making their workplaces greener in ways that range from cutting down on wasted paper to educating colleagues about the water-saving options available to them. More than 60 universities have taken part already, and the number grows every year.

The next step is for Environmental Sustainability staff to train 20 student volunteers to audit teams’ submissions to make sure all is in order. After training next week, the auditors will visit colleges and departments across the University to do this.