15 May 2017

New Science Transit Shuttle route launches

The Science Transit Shuttle (STS) minibus service today expands to take in a third route – and to encourage take-up, trips on it will initially be free.

The new service, known as ST3, runs between the John Krebs Field Station at Wytham, the Science Area and the John Radcliffe Hospital. This will help the zoology researchers who have been relocated to the Field Station following the closure of the Tinbergen Building get to and from their new workplace. Full information about the new service, including route, stops and timetables, is available here.

The existing STS routes go from central Oxford to the Old Road Campus in Headington and to the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus south of the city. Like them, the new one is open only to University staff, students and visitors. To use it, please register your University Card at www.ox.ac.uk/SciShuttleRegister, select “journeys charged to a cost centre” and enter “Tinbergen” when prompted.