26 September 2017

Broad Street junction works will improve safety

The University has worked with local government to remove the defunct traffic signals and install a raised table across the junction of Broad Street, Holywell Street and Parks Road. This will help reduce vehicle car speeds, making the junction safer and more pleasant to use for cyclists and pedestrians.

Broad Street new junction with raised table

By bringing the road surface up to footway level, the changes also reduce trip hazards for pedestrians and make it far easier for wheelchair users or those pushing buggies to cross the road. The Estates Services Environmental Sustainability team provided crucial financial support for the development, contributing £35,000 from the Green Travel Fund, which uses the proceeds of the University’s parking scheme to support the delivery of its Transport Strategy. The County and City Councils both contributed £15,000, with the City Council carrying out the work.

Nick Brown, Chair of the Buildings and Estates Sub-Committee (in the centre of the picture), joined councillors yesterday to declare the new-look junction open. ‘The Broad Street junction is a key gateway to the University's Science area and the Clarendon Building and Weston Library fronting it are major attractions in their own right,’ he said. ‘The University used its Green Travel Fund to support this substantial improvement to the safety and convenience of walking and cycling for the University community, local people & visitors, whilst also creating a more attractive street scene in keeping with this historic part of Oxford.’