2 November 2017

University supports call for a safer Oxford for cyclists

The University of Oxford’s Sustainability Steering Group and the Chair of the Buildings Estates Sub-Committee today agreed to endorse the Claudia Charter, which sets out a vision to make Oxford a safer city to cycle in.

The charter responds to the tragic death of Claudia Comberti, who was killed in an accident on Botley Road while cycling in May 2017. It calls for greater respect for vulnerable road users like cyclists; a decisive commitment to increasing cycle safety from local government, including pledges to spend £10 per person a year on cycle safety and to provide training in schools on how to stay safe while travelling by bike; and better cycling infrastructure such as segregated cycle paths and improved provision for cyclists at junctions

The University joins the charter’s existing supporters – local cycling advocacy group Cyclox, the Broken Spoke Bike Co-op and national cycling organisation Cycling UK.