19 February 2019

Consultation launched on Oxfordshire Plan 2050

The Oxfordshire Growth Board has launched a consultation on the Oxfordshire Plan 2050, which will provide a large-scale strategic framework for the county’s development in the decades leading up to mid-century. It will follow on from the policies in the set of District Local Plans that are currently being agreed by the county's various local authorities.

Oxfordshire Local Plan

More information on the Plan is available on its website. It is being prepared jointly by the six Oxfordshire local authorities as part of the Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal agreement with central government. It will set out a long-term planning and development strategy across the county, focusing on the period between 2030 and 2050.

The consultation seeks feedback on the Plan’s initial components – a draft vision, a set of aspirations and objectives on particular topics and seven potential space scenarios. It opened on 11 February and will continue for six weeks until 25 March.

The University will submit a collective response, which will be approved by the Buildings and Estates Sub-Committee (BESC) on 14 March. This is currently being prepared by Rebecca Horley, Town Planning Manager (rebecca.horley@admin.ox.ac.uk) and Michael Crofton-Briggs, Planning Consultant (michael.crofton-briggs@admin.ox.ac.uk), who can also provide more information about the Plan or the consultation if needed. Any comments for inclusion in the University’s response should be sent to one of them, although staff are also free to respond to the consultation in a personal capacity if they wish.