Estates Finance

The Finance team provides comprehensive financial services to teams across Estates Services, to external tenant customers and the University.

Management Accounting Services (MA)

Support the financial planning and management of Estates Services. Members meet budget-holders regularly, provide financial reporting, analysis and commentaries, and issue guidance on technical accounting issues.

The team also develops business processes to ensure that financial information from across Estates Services is captured smoothly and routinely. It carries out strategic financial analysis to model the effects of business activity on the University’s finances, provides financial control services to identify anomalous items in the accounts, and undertakes financial reporting.


Finance Ma FormsForms

Capital Projects VAT Review

Capital Project VAT Review Form (29kb)  

Capitalisation Sign Off

Capitalisation Sign Off (18kb)  

Project Expenditure Approval

Project Expenditure Approval Form (117kb)  


Finance Operations (Ops)

Estates Services generates a high volume of activity and on average, 20,000 invoices and income from more than 1,100 customers are processed and overseen each year. Invoices can be up to £3m each for large building contracts. The Ops team is set up to deal with this large volume of activities efficiently.

The accounts receivable function secures income of approximately £16m per year from property and residential tenants, ensuring that this is accurately linked to the correct accounts.


Finance Ops FormsForms

Banking by Cheque

Cheque banking form (37kb)

Departmental Credit Card Application

Application form (159kb)

Expense claim form 

Expenses claim form (329kb)

Payment request form

Payment request form (2,970kb)

Online Store set up form

Product set up form (18kb)